Roseate Spoonbill Sighting

Below is a note we received today from a Seabrook Island Resident.

Dear Birders,

I’m not normally a big bird-watcher, but when I was riding my bike on Sunday, August 14, around 4pm on Marsh Gate Drive, I looked over and saw a roseate spoonbill feeding amidst the herons and other waders…  The birds were in the creek runs through the marshy area between Marsh Gate Drive and Deer Point Drive.  The spoonbill’s body was uniformly light pink, which I guess means it was a juvenile.  I did not see another spoonbill with it.  I took a couple photos with my blackberry but I’m not able to forward them.  Would be happy to show them to anyone on my blackberry the next time I’m down on Seabrook.  It was so super cool to see this bird and I have been showing my photos to my friends in my office; they can’t believe I got to see this bird in the wild!

Just wanted to send you a note in case you’re keeping track of Seabrook spoonbills. J

My neighbors on Old Forest Drive told me they’ve seen roseate spoonbills near Botany Bay a little further south…

Best regards, Gretchen Weintraub (2766 Old Forest Drive)

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