Test Your Knowledge of Wading Birds – The Answers

On Friday we presented a list of 10 wading birds that can be seen on Seabrook Island and asked you if you could match the names to each photo below.   (If you missed that article and want to test your knowledge, click here before we spoil it and give you the answers below!)

It turns out we haven’t officially profiled as many wading birds as we had thought – so if you got them all right – Congratulations!  You are an expert at identifying Wading Birds and should volunteer to assist SIB on our “Learning Together” walks!  One of our first posts covered several of the white birds (Confusing Big White Birds) and we recently posted the Little Blue Heron article.  Below we’ve linked each bird to its description on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website in case you are interested to learn more about any of these species.

And a special thanks to all our GREAT Seabrook Island Photographers for sharing their fabulous photographs!  (Irene Haskings, Ed Konrad, Charley Moore & Dean Morr)

We hope you liked this weeks format change and we will feature another group of birds for you to guess later in the fall.


  1. Great Egret – C
  2. Snowy Egret – G
  3. Reddish Egret – E
  4. Great Blue Heron – D
  5. Little Blue Heron – B
  6. Tricolored Heron – H
  7. Woodstork – I
  8. White Ibis – J
  9. Glossy Ibis – A
  10. Roseate Spoonbill – F


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