We want your opinion! Take the Plastic Bag Survey.

SIB Members
We need your help in completing and also sharing a short survey about plastic bags to citizens and business owners.
Background:  A local coalition, consisting of government, business, citizen and conservation organizations is interested in gathering data on citizen and business opinion regarding plastic bag use in the Charleston Metro area. Locally conducted studies have found that plastic bags are among the top five sources of plastic litter collected during trash sweeps in Charleston and negatively impact local marine life.
Our Goal: Based on the results of the survey, the coalition will explore ways to minimize the use of plastic bags, specifically single-use plastic bags, to benefit the health and natural beauty of the Charleston community.
How Your Group Can Help:  Promote this opportunity at your workplace or through an email to your group.
Survey:  An opinion survey has been created for business owners and citizens in the Charleston-Berkeley-Dorchester Tri-County area. The survey is being conducted to gauge support, concern, and information gaps regarding possible ways to reduce plastic bags and associated litter in the community. Responses to the survey are confidential. For more information, and to take the survey click the below link:
To go straight to the survey: http://tinyurl.com/PlasticInCharleston
The survey takes less than five minutes to complete. For questions or concerns please email Plasticbagsurvey@gmail.com.  Please share the survey widely.  The survey will close on September 9, 2016. Results will be shared with all interested parties. To be added to the mailing list, please email
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